What the heck happened to Introductions on LinkedIn?!?

Quick Tip: Requesting Introductions on LinkedIn is Broken!

Today’s question is “What the heck happened to Introductions on LinkedIn?!?” It seems that in the redesign of its messages functionality, LinkedIn broke introductions.

FroKnowsPhoto DSLR Video Course

I’ve always taken my professional skills development very seriously, so when I first started working on producing videos for my YouTube channel and my online courses, I was glad that the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video existed. Jared Polin (a.k.a. The Fro) in collaboration with Todd Wolfe from Cheesesteak Media have created one of the finest and most practical guide…

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Businesses on LinkedIn, Do This, Not That

The folks at Salesforce have created a spiffy infographic, and it is definitely worth checking out. There are some great statistics to consider if you are still thinking that you can ignore your LinkedIn profile or company page.

Add Tags to Contacts on LinkedIn

How do I organize my LinkedIn connections into groups? There are plenty of good reasons to organize your connections, and LinkedIn gives you tags to handle that job.

Quick Tip: Export Email Addresses from Your LinkedIn Account

The file you get has all of your connections, but the data only contains basic contact information. There is no specific LinkedIn information, like the date you connected or profile web links.

Quick Tip: Add Your LinkedIn Profile Card to Your WordPress Website

There are two main steps to do this: create the code on the LinkedIn developer site, and then copy that code into a WordPress text widget.

Quick Tip: What does my Facebook profile look like to the Public?

Facebook has more privacy options than controls in a modern airplane. Fortunately, they have a “View Profile As” tool that helps.

Quick Tip: Turn off Auto-Play Videos on Twitter

As a way to keep up with Facebook, Twitter has added automatic playback of videos. Let me show you how to disable this new feature.

Quick Tip: Turn off Auto-Play Videos on Facebook

Facebook plays video content automatically as you scroll through the timeline. It certainly grabs your attention, but let me show you how to turn off the automatic playback of videos.

Quick Tip: Avoid Being Tagged on Facebook

You probably have a friend or four that likes to “Tag” you in his Facebook posts. Facebook doesn’t let you disable tagging, but it does give you a “Tag Review” tool.