Who Wants to be Targeted? Captured? Converted?

Businesses that are trying to generate sales use words like “Target” and “Capture” and “Convert.”

It is a very one-sided mindset. And in my opinion, quite dangerous and short-sighted. You might as well just tie me to a chair, force me to watch your ad, and wrestle my wallet out of my hand. Is that how to create a happy and loyal customer?

For a moment, flip the equation around. Rather than “target” someone else, what if you became the target? And what would it take to make yourself a highly valued target or someone that was sought after?

If your product or service or expertise isn’t worth talking about, why is that? Perhaps you haven’t yet figured out what makes you special. Or worse, you don’t even care.

So take a moment and look at Convert and change the focus. Change your strategy to teach your happy loyal customers (a.k.a. the converts) to be your marketing megaphone. Step back and wonder, “why would they want to refer me business?”

I believe that marketing is no longer just outward bound. In fact, it has always been bi-directional. The Internet just gave people the simple tools to extend “word of mouth” to tap into the “wisdom of the crowds.” Most companies are just starting to understand or grasp this, which is why social media in business is booming.

So the answer is simple: marketing is about conversation. If your product, service or expertise isn’t worth talking about and you aren’t talking, you are invisible.

Be visible and start talking. (Post your comments below.)