Who Wants to be Targeted? Captured? Converted?

Businesses that are trying to generate sales use words like “Target” and “Capture” and “Convert.” It is a very one-sided mindset. And in my opinion, quite dangerous and short-sighted. You might as well just tie me to a chair, force me to watch your ad, and wrestle my wallet out of my hand. Is that how to create a happy…

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Seth Godin, Sliced Bread and Marketing

If you are trying to get people to pay attention to your products or services, watch this 20-minute talk from Seth Godin. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBIVlM435Zg]

Seth's list of Web 3.0 Applications

In Seth Godin’s latest post Let Me See, Seth lists out 18 ways that you could mashup data and present it in ways that are useful and very powerful. This got me thinking: Did he just post 18 ideas for startup companies? Yes, I think that he did. So, what ideas do you have for mixing contextual data? And how…

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Make big promises; overdeliver

Seth Godin brings us this post: Four Big Words. As he points out, over delivering is hard. Really hard. In fact, it can be hard just to deliver consistently. The key is developing your system for delivering. Run the system over and over again. Refine the system. Improve your results over time and develop good habits. Then push farther. But…

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Too much noise?

First, go read Seth Godin’s post: Signal to noise I agree, it is too much. Why has is gotten so loud? The answer is simple: Web 2.0 enables conversations and the more people and businesses that come to the party, the louder it will get. So how do you deal with all of the noise? Listen for the echoes from…

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One Gift – Two Books

When I gave my presentation at my local BNI chapter two weeks ago, my speaker gift was a little different. I purchased two copies of “The Dip” by Seth Godin. I instructed the winner that one was him to read and the other copy was for his best client. (I got some strange looks at first, but I’m used to…

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What is Squidoo?

Brain child of one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin, is Squidoo. Read and learn. Squidoo concept: Everyone is an expert on something. How can Squidoo benefit you? By creating a “Lens” on a topic, perhaps what your business sells, you position yourself as an expert. And it also can improve link popularity if the lens links back to your…

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The Right Way

Steve Jobs knows how to get things right. When he lowered the price of the iPhone 2 months after its introduction, he heard the customer complaints and posted this open letter. And for a few more thoughts on this, The Unoffical Apple Weblog has this comment. And then Seth Godin has this to say about how to spend $20 million.

Really Bad PowerPoint

Most business professionals abuse PowerPoint. It’s just too easy to do. Author Seth Godin’s Really Bad PowerPoint post on this topic hits the nail on the head. Business Week has a great article about how Steve Jobs is a master at giving presentations. He doesn’t use PowerPoint, rather a program for the Mac called Keynote.