The Genius of Plaxo

At a recent seminar, an attendee asked whether or not they should be using Plaxo. My comments in general were that they would be better served with efforts on Facebook, LinkedIn and perhaps Twitter. You would think that they would have figured out that I know when my own birthday is.

Philadelphia Business Journal Event – September 29, 2009

Join the Philadelphia Business Journal and social media expert Howard Yermish on September 29 for a Supercharge Your Sales Seminar to build your business, your circle of influence and your exposure.
When: Tuesday, September 29, 8:00am-10:15pm
Where: 601 Information Systems, 601 White Horse Road, Voorhees, NJ 08043

Save the Date: Social Networks for Busy Professionals

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 29, 2009 in the morning. I’ll be presenting my new seminar, Social Networks for Busy Professionals. The seminar is presented along with the Philadelphia Business Journal and will be held at Bowman & Company in Voorhees, New Jersey. More details are on the way so stay tuned…

Quick Tutorial: Make Your Facebook Page Update Twitter

Facebook recently released a new feature that allows Facebook Pages (not profiles) post updates directly to Twitter. So if you have a page on Facebook and a Twitter account, watch the 2 minute video below for a quick demonstration. [youtube:] Here are the basic steps: Sign into Twitter in one tab or window of your browser. Sign into Facebook in…

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Drinking from the Fire Hydrant

Social networks can devour your day before you realize it. I’ve heard from some people that they need to, “catch up on all of the Facebook posts,” or “read all of the latest tweets on Twitter.” No wonder they feel overwhelmed. Here are two quick tips to make this simpler. Don’t Try to Drink from the Fire Hydrant Whether it…

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Facing Roger Clemens

When I was a kid, I dreamed of playing baseball professionally. We all ran through that moment in the World Series where it was the bottom of the ninth and the game was on your shoulders. At the mound, the Rocket, Roger Clemens. Sure enough, you hit it out of the park to win the game. Then we returned to…

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Note to LinkedIn: Stop trying to be like Facebook

Over the last few months, Facebook has seriously exploded in popularity. Meanwhile, LinkedIn keeps chugging along. But something I’ve noticed about LinkedIn is that they are “borrowing” a bit too much from Facebook. And I’m finding myself using it less because of that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn and I consider it the best business…

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Twitter as your Blog?

Thinking back to my audio interview with Lisa Dilg (@pprlisa), she talked about how Twitter was like her blog. What would she say that she hadn’t already posted on Twitter? And she has a good point. For businesses that are short on time, perhaps focusing on conversations on Twitter is more valuable than developing readership on a company blog. But…

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How Networking is Supposed to Work

Yesterday I experienced a magical moment that the social networks made possible. And Dennis Stevenson beat me to the punch with this great article about the experience. How Networking is Supposed to Work Here is my 2 cents to add: Be yourself on the social networks. Real connections happen if you try. Listen actively. Help people and ask for help….

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Candidate Search – Case Study for Building Your Network

The company that I work for is looking for a sales person. Yes, we are looking to hire in this down economy. But that isn’t the story here. The story is how we announced the job posting, which started several years ago. It started when I signed up for LinkedIn when it was a very young service. Over time, I…

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