Droid2 Review

We have heard the “iPhone on Verizon in X months/years” often enough that everyone assumes that it will be true at some point in the future. For those folks that have made the carrier (Verizon) the top priority in choosing a handset, and you are waiting for the Verizon iPhone, stop waiting. Get the Droid2.

A Tale of Three Diners

A couple of weeks ago, I took a look at my schedule of meetings and such and started laughing: on one single day, I had three meetings at three separate diners. As a native of South Jersey, I knew that this was the epitome of the Jersey diner scene.

"Super" Guarantee

If there is a problem with the business (that is a customer of SuperPages.com) and SuperPages.com cannot help resolve it, they will reimburse you up to $500. SuperPages.com is protecting their customers, that is, businesses that advertise with them. It has nothing to do with being “super” like the yellow capes suggest.

Early Adopters and Free Dessert

By checking in on Foursquare, we were doing exactly what Carrabba’s wanted us to do: share our loyalty and eating preferences with our network of friends. And the promise that Carrabba’s made to the community on Foursquare was simple: If you check in more than anyone else, you deserve dessert.