@pprlisa (a.k.a. Lisa Dilg of PerkettPR) on Twitter

Real conversations happen on Twitter constantly. And I had the opportunity to extend my conversation with Lisa Dilg of PerkettPR who shared some of her expertise, both professional and personal, about Twitter.


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Tips from Lisa Dilg, PerkettPR

@pprlisa – http://twitter.com/pprlisa

  1. Find people that you respect and see who they follow. Click on those profile pages, see if anyone is interesting and engaging in conversations, and follow. Make sure to introduce yourself.
  2. Watch for a while to see what people are talking about, and then jump in.
  3. Monitor your brand using Twitter Search and address any issues publicly so people can see you fixing problems in public.
  4. Answer every @ reply and engage in conversations.
  5. There are so many reporters that are asking for information for the media, so use Twitter Search to find relevant conversations.
  6. Share ideas and ask for advice with other professionals in your industry.
  7. For companies, make sure that you are not just talking about your news. Don’t talk at people, talk with people. Participate in the conversation.
  8. Remember that everything that you post on Twitter can be searched forever.

Special thank you to Lisa for sharing her knowledge and her time. Make sure to post your comments below or send me a reply on Twitter @hyermish.