Dinner with Andy Troutman

Last night, our family and the friends we are staying with had the privilege of having dinner with wine maker Andy Troutman and his family. Since I’ve been a little bit obsessed with wine for the past 18 months, I seriously enjoyed the whole experience.

Andy’s house is at the Winery at Wolf Creek, somewhere near Canton, Akron, and Cleveland, Ohio. Andy and his wife Deanna had a nice spread of different foods and cheeses, and of course, wine. We started with a tour of the vineyard, which included meeting some of the goats (they are experimenting with goat cheese), walking the upper grounds and then to the winery. It was very cool to see all of the different equipment, the large tanks, barrels, and such with Andy describing the process along the way.

After the tour, I tried a whole bunch of different wines from the vineyard and purchased a bunch to take home with me. (My official tasting notes will be on Cork’d as I drink them.) Then it was back to the house for more wine and food and laughter.

Both the adults and children had a blast for hours and we went through A LOT of wine. I’m a light-weight as I usually have one a single glass each night. Needless to say, over the course of the evening more bottles than adults were opened and finished.

Andy was great. He actually helped teach me about certain types of tastes in wines that I could pick out from the wines we were sampling. So, I consider the evening educational.

Today, we are heading home from Ohio, but will stop at Troutman Vineyards to pick up a few more bottles. If you ever are in the area, make sure to stop in, say hello and try a few wines.