Tourist Trap in Ohio

The excitement (?!) from yesterday was a trip to Lehman’s, a store that excels in pretending to connect tourists to the Amish. Apparently, they just completed major renovations and expanded significantly to add a café.

Melodie in a chair at Lehman’s in Ohio

The store itself (and its newly expanded parking lot) is located in the center of downtown (ahem) Kidron, Ohio. Please note that I certainly would have live-blogged the whole trip but there is ZERO reception, let alone EDGE support in downtown Kidron.

So while browsing through this Amish-megastore, we saw all kinds of hand-made tools, housewares and such, wooden toys, glass jars, sausage makers and grinders. The kids loved it and I was amused by the laser bar code scanners.

We managed to escape with a few cookie cutters and cutesy tins (made in China) and some traditional candies (made in Indiana with California lemons). Make sure to visit the Lehman’s website so you can order online!