Two Years of Wine – Gary V. is Right

It has been an interesting journey, but over the last two years I’ve gone from a total wine newbie to someone that knows the difference between viognier, sauvignon blanc, and chardonnay. Ever since my doctor recommended hinted that there might be health benefits, I’ve taken my obsessive personality and tracked and reviewed everything that I tried. I had help along…

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Seth's list of Web 3.0 Applications

In Seth Godin’s latest post Let Me See, Seth lists out 18 ways that you could mashup data and present it in ways that are useful and very powerful. This got me thinking: Did he just post 18 ideas for startup companies? Yes, I think that he did. So, what ideas do you have for mixing contextual data? And how…

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The Machine is Us/ing Us

This one has been around for a while, but if you haven’t seen it, it is worth a look. [youtube:] The video was created by Dr. Michael Wesch, a professor of digital ethnography at Kansas State University, and his work was given a “Rave Award” from Wired Magazine.

From @denthewise – Network is Power

And to follow-up from my earlier post about LinkedIn, here’s a good post by a friend from my Twitter network @denthewise: Network – not Knowledge – Is Power Dennis’ point is that with more people using social networks in both personal and business contexts, the network of connections and relationships is becoming an extremely powerful force. What I’d like to…

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Team Whiteboarding

I’ve got two multi-user online collaborative whiteboards for you to check out… Twiddla Skrbl (it must be Web 2.0 since it is missing its vowels) Both allow users to create and share online “whiteboards” with freehand drawing, text, pictures and such. Worth a look.