My Seven Songs

Think of seven songs that had a profound effect on you and how they changed your life or the way you looked at it. Each song has a story, so be sure to tell it. Perhaps the song helps you identify a particular time, place, or person. For my seven songs, I decided to put them in chronological order according…

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Microsoft Songsmith – Please Make the Bad Noise Stop

Let me start by saying this: This music thankfully did not come from inside my brain. This is what happens when you put Sting through Microsoft Songsmith. [youtube:] Any questions? Yes, everyone might have a song in their heart, but let’s avoid using Songsmith to extract it. Some things are better left unsung.

Sheet Music Roller Coaster

This commercial from the Zurich Chamber Orchestra is just plain cool. My composer brain loves this more than my marketing brain!

Back in the Saddle Again

The hardest thing for me is not composing. And since it is perhaps the most personal thing that I do, I tend to put it last in line in terms of priorities. The good news is that my brain never stops writing music. I mentioned it before to friends and family, but something is brewing. And I plan to have…

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