Google Buys Ads for Search on Bing

Search for Search on Bing

Ironic, don’t you think? So go over to and do a search for the word, “Search.” Don’t select one of the terms from the drop-down, just click the little magnifying glass. Here is what you get:

Search Results for Search on Bing

Bing does a nice job showing a variety of options, local and categorized. But notice that Google, (that’s Mr. Google to you) has purchased a sponsored ad for the keyword “search.”

If you go the next step and do your Bing search for the term “search engine,” notice that Google again is purchasing an ad. Unlike Google’s search results, Bing includes itself in its own listing.

Search for Search Engine on Bing

Is it a good move for Google to buy keywords on its competitors sites? Probably.

Interesting to note, that both Google and Bing rank pretty well. Raise your hands if you are a devoted Dogpile user? Anyone?