Saved Links for November 9, 2009 – Twitter

What in the Heck is Twitter?

In advance of my seminar, “What in the Heck is Twitter?” on November 18th, the theme for the links this week is Twitter.

  • Tweet Cheat Sheet: article from Scott Kirsner (@scottkirsner) of the Boston Globe that gives a good overview of Twitter and some basic advice for understanding the language. Perfect for those new to Twitter.
  • Twitter and Status Updating, Fall 2009: from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, the study claims that now almost 19% (up from 11% in December 2008) of Internet users share updates about themselves using Twitter or another service. The article also talks about the median age of users for the social networks: Twitter – 31, MySpace – 26, LinkedIn – 39, Facebook – 33. Interesting to note the significant change was for Facebook which has risen from 26 to 33 over the last 18 months.
  • Twitter Lists – Frequently Asked Questions and Strategies: article from Mashable that covers the new Twitter lists functionality very well.
  • Tweet Blocker: free resource for Twitter users that catalogs and ranks the top spammers on Twitter. It scans through your followers and scores based on the account activity, follower ratio, and age of account. You can preview each account, click a checkbox and block users directly from Tweet Blocker.
  • Twitter for Business FAQ: article from Web Worker Daily that answers some of the common business questions surrounding the use of Twitter.

What are your best links for advice or resources about Twitter?