Love Those Banned Apps

I’ll admit it, I’m an Apple fanboy. But the last couple of moves make me angry.

At first, I was really cheesed about what Amazon did concerning removing books from the Kindle. But their apology is a demonstration that they have taken responsibility for their actions and learned a little something along the way.

A few months ago, the GV Mobile application for the iPhone was released and I happily purchased the application since I’ve been a GrandCentral, now Google Voice user for quite some time.

But recently, Apple (perhaps with AT&T pressure) pulled this application from the iTunes store. And they rejected the official Google Voice app from Google.

Thankfully, Apple didn’t “kill” the apps on the device if you already had the application running, but no more updates.

What I don’t understand is why an application can be totally fine for several months, including a few patches, and then suddenly it is rejected. Is there a problem with the application review process? Or was Apple too busy dealing with “naughty pictures” applications at the time.

Now the FCC is investigating. Apple will claim control over its closed system, Google will claim “openess,” and AT&T will say it wasn’t them. Perhaps we will all learn something.

I do feel like I have a little “badge” from this war each time I run GV Mobile. Thanks for your hard work Sean Kovacs.