Over 20,000 Spam Comments Blocked

For those of you that allow comments and trackbacks on your blog, you know about comment spam. The idea is that spammers will attempt to use your blog to link back to promote all kinds of wonderful sites.

Thank goodness for Akismet, a plug-in that catches well over 99% of the spam. If you aren’t using it on your blog, you should start.

In the last six months, Akismet has stopped over 20,000 spam comments on this blog. Only about 5 spam comments were let through and only 1 was a false positive. Impressive results.

2 thoughts on “Over 20,000 Spam Comments Blocked

  1. And as a follow-up, there are now over 25,000 blocked. Wow, you would think that the spammers would stop trying, but I guess not.

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