Seven Years Ago

It was seven years ago. We were living in Los Angeles. My wife was pregnant with our first child.

I was at an early morning networking event with other business colleagues. As we were signing in, reports starting coming though about planes hitting the World Trade Center. The stock broker had friends that worked there.

We were all a bit dazed as the news reports came in.

Danielle and I basically watched CNN all day long. It was bizarre. It was morbid. It was defining.

In hindsight, imagine if Al Gore had been president. My guess is that Osama bin Laden would have been captured and Iraq would still be led by an aging Sadaam Hussein. Not perfect, but progress without almost a half-trillion dollars spent on the “War on Terror.”

And the GM EV1 would have seen an EV2, 3 and 4. Imagine in American car manufacturers actually had real hybrid cars.

And we could have bonded together in the wake of 9-11 tragedy to show the world what a great human response could have been.

Instead, Americans bought Hummers. And now we tired of paying the price.