Reaching the Right Audience

It happens at least once per week, if not more. A friend, colleague, client or prospect asks for the silver bullet.

“How do I reach my target customers?”

The typical answer (old) is to buy a lot of ads in hopes that millions of people will see them and somewhere in the millions, your target audience will respond. Don’t have that much money? Do the same thing but focus the ads locally.

And this strategy is essentially the same on the Internet: get the top position on Google.

But Seth Godin suggests a different way.

This seems great for products, but what about service-based businesses? I think that you just have to get more creative. And the Internet is only one tactic to use.

Example 1 – Landscaper: Find a handyman that is busy and ask if you can tag along. People that hire handymen typically hire landscapers. Support this with

Example 2 – Allergist: Sponsor “Back to School Night” at as many schools as you can by supplying coffee, tea, snacks and such. And then be there for the conversation and give free advice. And have your appointment book with you.

Example 3 – Graphic Designer: Hold a contest for high school seniors and offer a $500 scholarship. Make sure the local papers cover it. Side effect: intern program.

What other “small” ways can you think of that could get big results?