Tour de France Starts Today

Over the last decade we saw two things: one of the greatest cyclists of all time and some of the worst garbage in professional sports.

Coverage for the tour starts today. No short prologue to start the race, but a full on stage with a sprint finish.

It’s a shame that last year’s winner (Alberto Contador) is not in the tour because his new team was being punished for its prior actions around drug abuse. Last year’s race was so bizarre as we watched several amazing performances followed by withdrawals for drug use. It was truly sad. Even the winner from the year before (Floyd Landis) still doesn’t have the credibility because of his alleged drug use, something he still denies.

What is important this year isn’t going to be the man on the podium on the last day. What is important will be what we don’t see: professional athletes cheating.

I have a feeling that by the time the race ends this year, we will know whether to continue to love and respect the sport, or just let it vanish until some young American rider captures our heart with a story as powerful as Lance Armstrong did.

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