My Technology is Conspiring Against Me

Today was one of those days. With guests staying with us, I shut down my desktop machine, an old dual-processor G4 from 2002. It is quite noisy. When I went to power it up this morning, it didn’t. Nothing, nada, zip. Uh-oh. Usual tricks didn’t work either. Double uh-oh. So I walked away to try to enjoy the rest of the day as we were throwing a spring version of my daughter’s birthday party.

From my laptop, I needed to print a couple of pages for the party. I got out just enough before the printer informed me that it too was done. “Yellow Toner Empty,” it informed me. And it is one of those lasers that once one of the cartridges is empty, it won’t print anything. Ah well, I’m trying to go paperless anyway.

After dinner, I put my iPhone onto the charger since I was done for the day. About an hour later, I went to grab it off the charger and it was BURNING HOT! Seriously. I couldn’t physically handle it. The charger was pretty darn hot too so I unplugged that as well. AAAAAHH!!!

I managed to do something to get my G4 breathing again, and it is thankfully humming (wheezing) away. My guests will simply have to deal with it. New toner for my laser printer (it needs yellow and magenta) is about $120 per cartridge. The iPhone has yet to regain consciousness.

Time for a glass of wine. Okay, two glasses.