Broad Street Wrap-Up

Approaching City Hall on the Broad Street RunFortunately, I finished the Broad Street Run. It wasn’t glamorous but I finished. A couple of highlights…

  • My target time was 2 hours for the run, a faster pace than I finished the Disney half-marathon. I finished in 1:59:37 and considering how bad my knee was feeling after mile 4, a serious victory on that front.
  • Sibling rivalry was still in effect. I wanted to beat my sister’s time, which I did. My father beat us both, by a lot. He is an animal. What is important is that we all started and finished.
  • I managed to High-5 both Governor Ed Rendell (around mile 6) and Mayor Michael Nutter (around mile 9). I also got about 18 other High-5’s along the course, so I averaged about 2 per mile.
  • During the run, I managed to post a couple of “tweets” and take a bunch of pictures with my iPhone. Yes, even running through the streets of Philadelphia I managed to be a tech-geek.
  • Also during the run, I said thank you to just about every police officer on the course. They had to know that each “Thank You” was in part for the race, but really for serving the community.

So as I slowly moved around today I realized that I would rather ride my bike in pouring rain than run. I tried for about a year to have that running break-through but it never came. Perhaps I will throw in a run/walk here and there when I only have 30 minutes for a work-out, but I don’t plan to register for anymore races for the near future. Maybe I will take it up again at some point.