Sending Large Files

Email is a great tool for messages to people but it is horrible for sending attachments. Sure, the PDF, DOC, PPT or XLS file here and there is probably fine, but what do you do when you want to email someone a huge file? And since email is not secure, you shouldn’t use it for sensitive information. But setting up and managing a traditional FTP server is a bit cumbersome even for advanced users, let alone the average computer user. And then add the fact that most email providers limit the size of incoming and outgoing messages to around 10 MB.

Enter DropSend.

With DropSend, you can create a free account that gives you 250 MB of storage and allows you to do 5 sends a month, fine for a quick trial or the infrequent user. Files are sent securely and you can track when files are picked up. There are paid plans that feature more space and more sends. There is even a pro plan that allows for many users and unlimited sends which would work well in a corporate setting.