Guest Post – Home Office Reboot

Just wanted to let you all know that an article of mine appears on the Organize IT blog: Home Office Reboot One of my radical ideas is the having an office without a printer. Seriously, people think I’m nuts. So far I really haven’t had an actual need much greater than once or twice, and it was simple enough to…

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Merlin Mann and the Hipster PDA

I’m a very big fan of Merlin Mann of 43folders, especially for his writings and talks about David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) system as well as Merlin’s Inbox Zero methodology. But one of my favorite “techie” things is the Hipster PDA. This is really nothing new but I find that in addition to all of the different tech toys…

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Dream of an Empty Inbox

How many messages are in your email inbox right now? Seriously, I have seen too many people become completely overwhelmed by the onslaught of email. Just because it is digital doesn’t give you an excuse to become an e-packrat. And once your email inbox gets too deep to manage, what do you do? You probably scroll up and down to…

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Close your email program

Don’t get me wrong, email is a fantastic communication tool and I wish that everyone used email. But too often I see email as a constant distraction. Think about this…You have Outlook open in the background and you start to do some productive work and only 5 minutes later, the new message sound goes off or alert pops up on…

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Get Action from your Email

If you’ve been around email long enough, you have certainly experienced the misunderstandings that email can sometimes cause. But to go even further, how do you make sure that your emails will actually help get things done. The key is to write about one thing per email. From Web Worker Daily’s article “7 Rules for Communicating Clearly and Concisely in…

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David Allen offers free advice for getting email under control

Get it while it’s hot… Getting Email Under Control It is a free PDF download, although it requires registration with

Camera Phone as To-Do List

Ubiquitous capture, please meet Steve Rubel’s article: Use Your Cameraphone as a Visual To Do List Simple, and you probably already have the camera phone. I’ve been using this technique with my iPhone as well as the heralded hipster PDA.