Twitter as your Blog?

Thinking back to my audio interview with Lisa Dilg (@pprlisa), she talked about how Twitter was like her blog. What would she say that she hadn’t already posted on Twitter? And she has a good point. For businesses that are short on time, perhaps focusing on conversations on Twitter is more valuable than developing readership on a company blog. But…

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Blogging for Business Presentation

I did a presentation for the Cherry Hill Chamber of Commerce, “Blogging for Business,” on June 10th, 2008 at their power lunch event.

Too much noise?

First, go read Seth Godin’s post: Signal to noise I agree, it is too much. Why has is gotten so loud? The answer is simple: Web 2.0 enables conversations and the more people and businesses that come to the party, the louder it will get. So how do you deal with all of the noise? Listen for the echoes from…

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The Long Tail of Blogging

From my post on the World Wide Web Communications blog… There are literally hundreds (well according to Technorati as of this post about 113 million) blogs out there. So How do you claw your way out of the Long Tail of blogging? From a recent Q&A… “I’ve had my blog on business and innovation for 9 months now. It hasn’t…

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