Quick Tip: How do I Resend and Customize a sent LinkedIn Connection Request?

Let’s say you accidentally sent a connection request and forgot to customize it, perhaps through the mobile application or a careless click. In the top toolbar, click the “Envelope” icon. Then click on “Sent” on the left side. Find your “Join my network on LinkedIn” message, click on the headline. Now click the “Resend” button so you can customize the message…

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Quick Tip: How do I delete my LinkedIn Account?

Let’s say you accidentally created a second LinkedIn account, or if you’ve decided to go off the grid, here’s how to delete your LinkedIn account. Hover over your profile icon in the top right corner, under account settings you will see “Privacy and Settings,” then click “Manage.” On the next screen, you will see a tab for “Account” and then click…

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Quick Tip: What Apps are Authorized through my Twitter Account?

There are a lot of Internet applications that use your Twitter account to authenticate specific activities. From the main Twitter screen, click on your profile icon in the top right, then click “Settings” from the drop-down. On the left side of the next screen, click on the “Apps” option to see how messy it can be when you forget how many…

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Quick Tip: How do I Block Games on Facebook?

If you are annoyed by game requests on Facebook, you can proactively block these. Go to https://www.facebook.com/games/ or click on the “Games” link on the left side. Click on the name of the game, then click the “Block” option in the information panel, and then click “Confirm.” And as they say on the shampoo bottles, rinse and repeat.

Quick Tip: What does my LinkedIn Profile Look Like to Others?

To see how your LinkedIn profile will look to your connections or to the public, go to your own profile page and click the “View Profile As” button. Now you will see a bar under the main navigation that lets you switch between how it looks to your connections, and how it looks to the public. When you are done, click…

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Quick Tip: Customize Your Connection Request on the LinkedIn Mobile Application

The LinkedIn mobile application makes it almost impossible to create a custom message when connecting with new people. Don’t accidentally click the obvious icons and buttons, rather, find the small little icon that gives you the ability to write a personal message on the mobile application.

Quick Tip: How to Unprotect My Tweets

Using Twitter to market your business? Then you need to make your Twitter account public. Otherwise people won’t take the time to request access. In this 35 second video, I show you exactly how to unprotect your tweets.