Announcing More Digital Referrals

Over the last few years, I've been formalizing a system that embraces online tactics for creating digital referrals to business professionals. Instead of a "single golden click," I'm going to teach you good habits for using the Internet to get more digital referrals.

For business professionals, most agree that they get most of their business through word of mouth. The opportunity that the Internet presents to business professionals is that word of mouth should embrace the digital, “word of mouse.” Simply put, when someone shares your digital stuff (links, sites, photos, events, products, etc.) with his or her network of online connections, that is a referral. And that referral should be embraced and thanked accordingly.

Referral marketing is essentially a “farming” activity, and the Internet excels at farming activities.  Over the last few years, I’ve been formalizing a system that embraces online tactics for creating digital referrals to business professionals. I have two basic goals:

  1. I want to share this system with the public. In a small way, I hope that this helps small business people get more business referrals.
  2. I want to make the system even better and more robust. To do that, I need feedback and suggestions from a larger community.

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Skeptic Alert!

I’ve been witness to countless e-books, seminars and courses where for $29 or $97 or $364, some Internet “guru” (who probably had nothing to do with the Internet in 2005, let alone 1995) will give you exclusive access to their proprietary system (which they rebrand/resell from some other richer “guru”) which will lead to instant riches.

This is not that. If you want to get involved in a get rich quick scheme, this isn’t it.

Instead of a “single golden click,” I’m going to teach you good habits for using the Internet. It isn’t designed to create a Twitter hangover or a Facebook lost weekend. It is designed to be a very efficient use of your time, taking less than 10 minutes per day of your time.

Rather than trying to teach you the whole system at once, I’m going to teach you a little piece each week for 10 weeks. The first lesson of the course starts January 2, 2012. Every Monday morning, the next lesson will be sent to you in an email message, with a link that includes content, video demonstrations, and other helpful resources. You’ll also receive a short reminder later in the week, just to check in on your progress and give a couple of quick pointers or answer a common question.

I’ve decided to give this away for free. Yes, really. All you have to do is let me know where to email you.

Register for More Digital Referrals

See, great referral marketing happens because you actually trust the person and want to recommend that person to your friends. So if you want to “pay” for the course in some small way, then simply share the link with your friends. That is it.

Now for the Shameless Marketing Gimmick

To celebrate the launch of the course, I will be awarding some prizes, mostly in the form of Amazon gift cards.  Some prizes will be at random, but I will be awarding registrants with the most clicked links, and the links responsible for the most registrations. When we break my goal of 5,000 registrants, someone will win a new Kindle Fire tablet.

When you register, your email address creates a unique link that you can share with your network and the website tracks the number of times each link is clicked, as well as the number of people that register using your link. You can register multiple email addresses if you want, but better to use one email address and focus on getting your sharing statistics (clicks and registrations) higher. Good performance will be rewarded and acknowledged.

Just a quick note, when you sign up for the course, I will NEVER sell your email address to anyone. That isn’t what you opted in for, and I won’t do it.

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