Apple Livestream for Charity

I will freely admit that when Apple is holding an event, I stop everything and pay attention. Regardless of whatever magical product they talk about, I find myself craving for a live stream or live blog or Twitter feed. The keynote address from WWDC was no exception. Judging from the amount of chatter on the Internet and in the press, my guess is that I’m not alone.

So, on GDGT, I made a little suggestion. Why doesn’t Apple let me pay $1 to watch the livestream through an iPhone, iPad or desktop app, and donate the money to charity?

Apparently, a few others on GDGT agreed that my idea had some merit. In Steve’s opening sentence to the room, he said that he wished that they could get more people there, but the space only held 5,200. So if he is serious, I ask that he offer a livestream to the ravenous Apple crowd and we will willingly donate the $1 to a good cause.

If you agree, please post in the comments and share this with your friends.


  1. Howard, this is a great idea and I am one who would certainly pay at least $1 to watch a live stream of the event. This would solve a lot of problems for many and certainly would generate plenty of money and goodwill.