Don't Block the Ads

From Ars Technica: Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love

The argument presented is important, especially for the future of journalism. Plain and simple, the advertisements support the sites and when you block them, the advertisers don’t see the investment in Ars Technica as worthwhile.

But very important to notice: Ars Technica offers a paid version of their site which does not have ads. So if you care about the content and don’t want ads, you have an option to be a paying subscriber.

So think through this a bit. If you are willing to pay for content online, should you still have to endure the advertisements? Perhaps this is what upsets people so much. If the content is free, I expect to be advertised to. However, if I pay for online content why should I tolerate the advertisements. In the move to online, perhaps more sites should consider the model that Ars Technica presents.