Recent Tweets for February 23, 2010

I challenged SunGard to make me an offer: [view]

SunGard is looking for a CEO for Availability Services – – Go ahead, make me an offer SunGard. 😉

After a couple of posts back and forth between @SomaCowGeoff, I suggested a feature for Tweetie to it’s developer: [view]

@atebits Great idea for Tweetie feature… allow me to see Tweets of those that I follow within a specific radius. (Help from @SomaCowGeoff)

I asked the Weather Channel for mercy: [view]

Hey folks at the Weather Channel, enough with the snow for the month. Please nothing until March. Send it to New Mexico, much funnier there.

I shamelessly promoted my seminar: [view]

“Online Marketing Day of Thunder” – – First person to use the code “THUNDER30” when registering saves $30. Go!

I welcomed a friend and seminar attendee to Twitter: [view]

Welcome to @kenkelllaw, a Twitter newbie from my seminar this morning. Hey, say hello to the “attorney that makes house calls.”

I replied to @nametagscott‘s fill in the blank: [view]

@nametagscott You don’t need permission to spam the heck out of people that don’t care about you. You can get hate for free this way!

I congratulated Chad Hedrick, one of the Olympians who was given free LASIK by Eyecare 20/20, on his bronze medal: [view]

Congratulations to Chad Hedrick on a Bronze Medal! One of the athletes that @LASIKfortheGold treated… Awesome.

I retweeted an article link from Frank Canna: [view]

RT @MirrorFinish Honestly, there’s more to buying a new car than just signing the papers!

I shared a thought: [view]

Remove the term “Email Blast” from your vocabulary. No one likes to be hit by shrapnel, even if it is digital.