Would Google Voice be Approved If?

After reading the different statements to the FCC by Apple, AT&T and Google, I started wondering.

Would the Google Voice application be approved for the iPod Touch? The same application on a device without the phone would still be very useful. The feature overlap is on the iPhone, not on the iPod Touch. It doesn’t turn the iPod Touch into a phone, just a way to manage the Google Voice service.

Google has stated that they will do a feature equivalent version as a web application. I’m anxious to see it and use it. The current mobile version is a bit lame.

AT&T claims they had nothing to do with this. Okay, but they are certainly responsible for the network issues, which should include the delayed voicemail messages that I regularly see. Perhaps AT&T should give me the option of getting an email when someone leaves me a voicemail (like Google Voice). Or perhaps recognize that when I’m on WiFi, use that network to deliver service (like Skype).

The problem I see is lack of open cooperation to innovate services.

As of September 6, 2009, AT&T will require that all smartphones carry data plans. Leveraging an available WiFi connection would take huge loads off its 3G network and would improve customer satisfaction. After all, one of the biggest complaints will all cell phones is a lack of reception inside of homes or office buildings, places where there is usually plenty of WiFi.