Home Improvement List of Death – Progress Report

With less than a week before my wife gets back from Los Angeles, I’ve made significant progress on the Home Improvement List of Death. Let’s review what has been done.

  • I raised the floor in the room off of our kitchen so that it is at the same level. This involved sealing the concrete, building floor joists and laying the sub floor. Also included adding insulation to some of the exterior walls (which weren’t insulated!) and replacing the drywall. Then the room was also repainted.
  • In preparation for painting our entry hallway and other rooms downstairs, I ripped out all of the drywall in the hallway. There had been 2 coats of paint, wallpaper, then more paint, another layer of wallpaper in some parts, and paint over that in other parts. And it was ripping away. And there was a hole from where Danielle kicked the wall. New drywall was a much better choice, and that is now up. In the process, we also put in the wiring for recessed lights (which will come later) and coax for wiring cable TV into the room that will eventually become the family room. And we added a light in the hall closet which is a surprise for my wife.
  • I reinforced the shelves in the closet in our bedroom with L-brackets. Thankfully, it was a 15 minute task which mostly involved taking everything off the shelves and then putting everything back on.

So, what hasn’t been done that is still expected by my lovely wife?

  • The new drywall in the hallway needs to be spackled and sanded. That will be the job over the next few days.
  • The room off of the kitchen (soon to be dining room) needs to have some minor paint touch ups and the new floor installed. Paint touch ups today, floor Monday night.
  • I need to assemble our new grill. I’ll do this at the last possible minute before Danielle gets home just for the sport of it.

My Dad deserves some seriously special kudos for giving two of his Saturdays to my insanity. Four hands makes for faster work and better conversation.

Next summer, I think that I will remodel the kitchen and put new flooring in the entire downstairs area. I have to up the ante somehow.

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  1. And you know that I need my coffee! One can only have so many honey-do lists.

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