Good experience with CPK

The other night, we ordered takeout food from California Pizza Kitchen. So I drove across town to pickup the order and back through traffic with the food. But when everything was unpacked, something was missing: the tostada toppings for my wife’s pizza. Needless to say, she was bummed.

As the dutiful husband, I offered to go back and rectify the situation. So I called the restaurant to let them know that I was coming back. The manager got on the phone, apologized, and offered to drive the replacement pizza (plus a couple of free deserts) right to the house.

And even better, the manager himself made the drive and apologized again. Even though it wasn’t perfect with the original order, the recovery was great.

Too often, we blog about bad experiences. That is why I wanted to post this story. It is a simple example of customer service gone right.

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