Podcast Recommendation: You Look Nice Today

You Look Nice TodayOver the past few months, I’ve found myself in desperate anticipation of the next episode of the podcast, You Look Nice Today. There have been 12 episodes so far, each about 30-40 minutes long. And so far the best way that I can describe it is:

Three guys discuss awkward moments and bathroom humor, with a Masters degree.

You can listen right from the website or you can subscribe in iTunes.

What also makes this special is the community that is forming around some of the wonderful topics discussed on the show. So they have setup ways for fans to share with each other.

You might want check to see what the Jobbo says about your career path or post a video of you doing the new dance craze (the fishstick), but definitely listen to You Look Nice Today.

(Looking forward to the opening of the new restaurant in Butte, MT.)