iPhone's Private Internet

One of the things that is quite remarkable since the introduction of the iPhone is the version of the Internet that has been tailored for iPhone users. For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about…

Most mobile phones have some access to Internet content but the experience is less than stellar. Apple provided a rich framework to write web-based applications optimized for the iPhone. Since the iPhone has been launched, many of the major websites have created special versions just for the iPhone. Some of these include: (If you have an iPhone, tap on the links and then bookmark on your phone.)

Amazon, AP News, Bank of America, BrightKite, CBS News, DIGG, ESPN PodCenter, Facebook, Food Network, Fox News, Google (Search, News, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Reader), Gyminee, Hahlo, LinkedIn, Los Angeles Times, Jott, NewsGator, Realtor.com, Ta-Da List, Twitter, Weather.com, Weather Underground, and many more!

So what is the point here? The influence of the iPhone has created another version of the Internet, optimized just for this small number of users. I also believe that having your site optimized for this particular audience actually serves as a promotional tool.

If you know of more sites, please post them in the comments.