Kudos to Dreamhost

I’ve been hosting my personal stuff with Dreamhost as it allows me to experiment with things on my own without needing to bother our network admin. One thing that I like about Dreamhost is they embrace the concept of radical transparency. So when there were some very serious problems with some of their equipment, they handled it in a way that respected me as a customer. Rather than try to avoid blame, they explained what the issues were, resolved them and offered a small service credit. Recently, I received this message:


This is just a note to let you know we’ve finished processing your request for an account credit due to the Blingy problems.

Because things were so bad, we’ve actually decided to go ahead and give you a three (3) month credit instead of just one.. you should see now at … that there is an account credit of … . This credit will automatically go towards any future charges you incur from DreamHost on this account.

Again, we’re terribly, terribly sorry about all the performance issues of the last several weeks. We’ve now automatically closed out your open ticket about “Blingy Account Credit”, however if you still have any
problems related to this or anything else at all, please reply to this message and let us know right away.

Thank you very much for hanging in there with us, and we promise to do our best to make things work better all around from here on out.

The UnHappy DreamHost Bad-Blingy Team

What I appreciate is that they promised something to appease and then over delivered. They want to make sure that I am a happy camper with a little bribe and a lot of honesty. And I know enough about the hosting business that I know that they were being honest. When a company remembers that it is comprised of humans and operates with a sense of humanity, it goes a long way toward customer loyalty.

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  1. I have enormous respect for dreamhost and have been a reseller for some time. Honesty in business is hard to come by and my credibility is everything. You would be hard pressed to find a referral program as generous post dotcom.

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