Can your cell phone pop popcorn?

If your cell phone can do this, imagine what it can do to your brain! My suggestion is that you get a bluetooth or wired headset. [youtube:] Post in the comments if you can repeat the experiment with your phone.

We Never Close

A sign on a door is a promise. This one promised service 24/7/365. Yet the store was only open 8 hours a day during the week and only 4 hours over the weekend. Sure, the owner was willing to put a phone number on the door and encourage a visitor to call if the store was closed. Ironic that they…

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GrandCentral goes dark without notice

Early this morning, GrandCentral went offline. Not sure why. No notice to its users, but it is back online. Right now the service is totally free and in beta, so the users that will complain about this violently should remember… FREE and BETA do not mean RELIABLE. Yes, GrandCentral hopes to be a phone company someday. But as someone who…

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Reverse Phone Number Lookups

Ever need to find the address of a phone number? Check out Sullr from a browser or Sullr Mobile from your mobile phone. Type in the phone number and get the address you need.