Two weeks with BrightKite

For a little more than two weeks, I have been investigating BrightKite, a new website that brings location and photos to Twitter. Now onto my experience. After receiving my private invitation to the service, signing up with BrightKite was simple. Finding Friends With any social network application, the overall experience gets better as more friends participate. BrightKite is no exception….

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Too much noise?

First, go read Seth Godin’s post: Signal to noise I agree, it is too much. Why has is gotten so loud? The answer is simple: Web 2.0 enables conversations and the more people and businesses that come to the party, the louder it will get. So how do you deal with all of the noise? Listen for the echoes from…

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WWWC Does Blogging

After all of this time, World Wide Web Communications has started its journey down the road to Blog nirvana… And here is a link to my first post on the blog.

First Post, Again

I think that I’ve finally got this in order. I’ve tried to get myself to regularly blog with a few previous attempts but this one is actually going to stick. I think.In previous attempts I hadn’t quite put my personal focus into the blog. It was always for some other reason. This time it is for me, and I’m ready…

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